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Kate Rancid



Oh how I like a big cock,
Hard as a well weathered rock,
Wibbly and wobbly,
Silk-smoothe or knobbly,
Naked or dressed in a frock.

Oh how I like a big dick,
Juicy and meaty and thick,
Painted bright yellow,
And playing the cello,
Or pierced and supporting a brick.

Oh how I like a big knob,
A lovely big knob does the job,
Luscious and fat,
Maybe wearing a hat,
Solid like corn on the cob.

So give me your willy,
And let me be silly,
And dress it in satin and pearls,
I'll give it long hair,
Nice dresses to wear -
To prove that I don't fancy girls.


Kate Rancid (b. 1973)