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Kate Rancid



I really don't like people.
They're as tiresome as can be.
They're always being boring
Or else being mean. To me.
They hang around in bunches
Like they're plotting some big riot,
And when I walk right past them
They go quiet.

I'm just not keen on people,
They don't understand my art,
I'm happier when people
And myself are kept apart.
They're silly pink-skinned monkeys
With outrageous heads of hair.
I prefer my life when people
Are not there.

I don't like fucking people,
How I wish they'd go away.
I have to see their nasty
Ugly faces every day,
They hang about on corners
And they hang about in shops
In silly skirts or trousers
And t-shirts, vests or tops.

I wish there were less people,
Just a couple would be fine,
Just me and you, some chocolate,
Some camembert and wine,
And no more bastard people
To ruin my nice day.
No, no more people 'cos they will
Have all gone far away.

Sometimes I think I wasn't born
To walk among this scum.
A bad mistake was made by God,
The Devil, or my mum.
I'm meant for something greater
Like the Queen of all the stars,
But I'm stuck here with these people
And it gets right up my arse.

I wish I could kill people,
See their horrid faces die.
Oh, why can't I kill people?
Oh, why, oh why, oh why?
The world would be a better place
Without their stupid crap.
If I can't kill some people
I might crack.

Yes I'm GOING to kill some people,
Got my gun and bullets here.
I'm going to go down town now
And give them all the Fear.
I'll find a shopping centre
Where the worst ones go to shop,
Then I'll fire a round into the crowd
And watch the fuckers drop.

And when I've killed all people,
(Except for one or two),
The world will then belong to ME,
I'll do what I want to do.
I'll work when I DECIDE to work
And when I want I'll play
Without those crappy people things
Getting in my way.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)