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What If Snot Was God

What If Snot Was God

What if Snot was God?
I think 'he' is an 'it' -
For when you pray to God
All you get is shit.

Snot is so much thicker
Than old God seems to be.
And when you thin snot's thickness
It kinda sounds like pee.

Perhaps Snot is God really,
It controls our days so much;
Instead of being out with friends
All you get is Booger Lunch.

And if Snot is God
It isn't hard to see
That it's been God forever
Living inside of me.

We spread Snot's Word by sneezing,
It's glory oozes out.
And if you ignore Snot's calling
"BOOGER HEAD", people will shout.

That last line wasn't worth a lick
But I really hope you know
That I think Snot is worth a pick
And through Snot, boogers grow!