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Flying Vicar

I walked down the street amazed at the sight
of my local vicar as high as a kite.
A few of my friends called over to me,
wearing their shades they were sat round a tree
rolling a spliff and passing the bong.
They were playing guitar and singing along.
A stranger screamed out "What a beautiful day!"
With a smile and a wave I went on my way.

While strolling along I passed through a park
I looked at the sky it was getting quite dark.
Hundreds of people were gathered around
in a big circle all sat on the ground.
I wondered if this might have been a huge error
as the looks on their faces were that of pure terror.
When I got home I switched on the T.V.
I knew that this was all down to me.

Thousands had died 'cause they thought they could fly,
the day I put drugs in the water supply.