Each day we have to answer dozens of questions that poofans ask us about the club. And although we are happy to answer any queries you have, we ask that you first check if your question has already been answered here in our FAQ file in order to cut down on our heavy workload. Thank you.

Why was pooclub founded?

Originally, pooclub was set up as a forum for fans of Shitespace to ask the authors questions about the Shite and heap praises upon them for their poetry. However, no one seemed particularly interested in doing this and consequently pooclub has evolved into a beast of its own kind.

How did pooclub get its name?

Our dictator explains:

I originally intended to call the forum "Shitespace" to highlight its relationship with its parent web site. But when I tried to register the name with Egroups (our original mailing group host) it got rejected because it had a naughty word in it.

So, I had to come up with another name. I wanted a word which meant "shit" but which would get through Egroups' profanity checker and yet still be short and snappy. Call it a flash of pure inspiration, genius if you like, but totally out of the blue the word "poo" appeared to me.

baby seal Now I needed to combine it with a word that indicated that this was a group, a body of like minded individuals. I tried "poosociety", "pooassociation" and even "pooorganisation" but none of these seemed to have the right feel to them. Then I looked out of the window and saw someone beating a baby seal to death... with a club!

And the name was born.

When was pooclub founded?

Thursday 27th July 2000. In fact, the creation of pooclub was predicted by Nostradamus in 1504 when he wrote:

And on the 27th day of the seventh month in the first year of the third millennium, there will rise on the world wide web a club whose name will be poo which will speak in tongues inane and profane.

It is strange to think that although this is the least ambiguous of all Nostradamus's enigmatic predictions, it was still not understood until after the event.

The "Poodate" on our front page is the number of days since this auspicious date.

Are there any other notable dates?

Yes. Pooclub is enormously proud to bring to its members a countermeasure to all the bad things that happen on Friday 13th. We have a lucky day in which only good things happen to our members for the whole of the day. The lucky day is Tuesday 22nd and full details can be found on our lucky days page.

Also, pooclubbers are wise not to forget Kate's birthday on 27th September as she can get a bit stroppy if you do.

Can I go now?

Yes. Thank you for showing interest in our organisation. You may get on with your life now.