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The Exam System

Did you see the people on that fine day?
Many of them : looking for a way.
Asking of the future : be so bold
Acting as if they were twice as old.
This struck me and almost made my cry
Until I stopped and asked myself "why?"
There were several with and some without
Leaving their intentions in just no doubt.
Ask them reasons for things they do.
They don't know now what I never knew.
There's a joy at the end - but do not talk
But think more as you face a quiet, long walk.
Looking back on the time just past
Which you wish was but is not the last.
Soon you'll be there with the same ideas
Of fulfilment through nights of fears.
Did you see them on that fine day?
Some of them have now found a way.

Ian W Halliday (b. 1961)