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Kate Rancid



Oh dear Oh dear,
I drank too much beer,
I want to go to bed,
A pig shat in my head,
I feel so uneasy,
My tummy is all queezy,
My lungs are all wheezy,
It is such a drag,
I smoked too many fags,
As well.

I'm in Hell!
My attention span grows shorter,
I must drink some water,
Something for the pain,
There's a demon in my brain,
I can hear thunder crashing,
Before my eyes little lights are flashing,
Torches from the little men,
Telling me never to drink again,
Oh help me please I don't know what to do,
Maybe I should drink a can of special brew,
Hair of the dog, or so they say,
But I did the deed and now I must pay.

I'm floppy like putty,
Make me a fried egg butty,
Oh God Oh God,
Fry me some cod,
I need to consume endless quantities of grease,
Allow me some release,
From this pain,
I'm going down the drain.
With all this rubbish going through my brain,
Like ball sports,
And all sorts.

Help me
Help me

I'm dying,
I'm drying,
I'm dying,
I'm drying,
I'm dying,
Can't you hear me crying?
I'm not lying,
I'm dying.


Kate Rancid (b. 1973)