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Kate Rancid

Hippy Lament

Hippy Lament

in the style of Eminem (read with Eminem's voice in your head)

I'm unwashed,
And I don't even ****ing care,
I never even bother
To wash my mother******* hair,
So now it's home
To a mother******** sparrow,
Do you want to come round to mine?
I'll do your tarot.

These are my friends,
They're all like me,
I met them in a wood,
We were saving a tree,
And we're all really individual,
That's why we don't look like you,
What do you mean we all look the same as each other?
Who the **** are you?

Is that a CAR you're driving?
Do you WANT to end up beheaded?
Or responsible for killing or maiming some ****ing
I hope it runs off unleaded,
You really should leave it at home you know,
Get a push bike or maybe just walk,
Do you want a chick pea and brown stuff sandwich?
No we don't have any pork.

Do you believe in peace cos I do,
I think we should look after each other - we try to,
Yeah, we squat a big house up the road from here,
They keep trying to kick us out. ********! Hey - can I
have a beer?
I spent all my giro on some new juggling gear.
Hey can my main man Jupiter have one too?

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)