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Kate Rancid



I like flies,
I think they're cool,
They're pretty buzzing things.
I love them from their
Bulging eyes,
To their sweet silky wings.

I love their legs,
So slim and long,
Their bodies round and pert,
I like to watch them,
Buzz about,
And dine on shit and dirt.

I like to stroke them,
As they stand,
Upon my table top,
It makes me smile,
To watch a fly,
Quite merrily go hop.

I like to fondle,
Tiny feet,
To kiss each tiny hair,
To hug and squeeze,
And lick and love,
The winged things of the air.

Oh I love flies,
They turn me on,
I hang around near bins,
And when a nice one,
Passes by,
I shove it up my minge.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)