Forum That's our motto and we're sticking to it. That's right, forget all those forums where you feel pressured to say something cool, funny or interesting. Here, You don't even have to say anything that's true or express an opinion that you genuinely hold.

So, why not dive into our squelshy world and spout a load of drivel that may or may not have any foundation whatsoever, and enjoy the crap that you get back in return.

Here you can chat and squabble with the regular pooclub characters and take part in features such as Todays Topic, Poochoonz, Caption Competition etc. Activity varies enormously. Some days you can get over a dozen emails from other pooclubbers, other days you get nothing at all. You can, however, turn the emailing facility off and communicate with pooclub via the googlegroups webpage instead.

To join the forum, sign up here:

groups.google.com/group/pooclub ext

Ruin your holiday
Pooclub can ruin a perfectly good holiday.