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Dining At The 'Y'

I'm dining at the 'Y' tonight
There's sushi on the menu.
I don't just lick my lips
When I'm at my favourite venue.
It's up the Salmon Canyon
On the edge of Tuna Town
It's a place I'm always welcome
And I'd never let it down.

A tasty bit of clam I like;
It really perks me up,
And nibbling on the olive whilst drinking
From the furry cup.
The special vinaigrette that pours
Upon the luscious lettuce
Never leaves me any doubt
About what my best bet is.

I went there just a week ago
But had a bad surprise
All was soused in ketchup
And it wasn't very nice
Tonight I'm told it's good and clean
And for the second course
I'll bring along my special brand
Of salted tartare sauce.

So if you're feeling peckish
And you want a bit of muffin
Or a tasty bit of kipper
I will tell you this for nothing.
The only place to go to if you
Want some hairy pie
Is up the Velcro Triangle -
Go dining at the 'Y'.

Mike Stools (b. 1962)