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Kate Rancid

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day

Sing, rejoice! Be glad! Be gay!
Because today is Yorkshire Day!
Sing, Rejoice! Be glad! Ok...
But don't be gay in Yorkshire.
They don't like those queer sort in these here parts.

Go to London!
Go to Brighton!
If you're queer and prone to frighten.
Go to Sydney!
Go to 'dam,
If you like another man's spam,
But if you like it long and brown,
Don't live in a Yorkshire town,
They like their gardens gardened down,
Not uphill, it makes them frown.

So when you're walking down a street,
Wearing gay shoes on your feet,
Look around - see how they stare!
Then get the fuck out of there,
Because unless you're manly and like pork pies
And do not fancy other guys
The Yorkshire men will kick you in
And put you in a wheelie bin.

Today indeed is Yorkshire day,
but not for you if you are gay,
That would simply be too crappy,
Especially if you're gay as in 'happy'.
That would never do. They will not like you.
They think that you are queer
If you refuse to have their cocks in your beer.

So sing hip hip hooray!
Today is Yorkshire day!
So buy some Yorkshire pudding,
Some boiled sweets,
Some pickled eggs,
Some tripe, nicely ripe,
Black pudd is rather good,
A cloth cap and a whippet -
All of these are OK...

Just don't be gay.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)