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Kate Rancid

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Hurrah! Today's a day of love!
Of cherubs singing up above,
Of floaty, silky angel wings,
And hearts and flowers, and girly things.
Of cards and roses, smelling sweet,
Of chocolate hearts that we can eat,
Of stolen kisses, blushing cheeks,
I wish it could go on for weeks.

How great it is to be in love,
Have someone fit you like a glove,
A partner with whom you can live,
Your heart to them you gladly give.
To wake each morning with the cock,
Before the ringing of the clock,
And kiss your sweetheart while they sleep,
Their heart you know you'd gladly keep.

How wonderful this lovely day,
I feel so happy, glad and gay,
I've read my cards, of which there's many,
From Lenny, Renee, Ben and Kenny.
The postman's back is bent and bowed,
From hefting such a dreadful load,
His hands are shaking from the shock,
Of pushing goodies through my box.

I'm going to go now, lots to do,
Loads more cards to rifle through,
Might be finished by next week,
If I only take a peek,
So guys, come on then, tell me do -
How many cards were sent to you?
I hope that you all received mine.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)