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Kate Rancid

The Insect Ball

The Insect Ball

The antelope came scuttling
Over Termite's Lair,
With a jar of daddy long legs'
In his auburn curly hair.
The moon it was a-glowing,
The rain began to fall,
The termites they were dancing
For it was the Insect Ball.

One by one, on spidery legs,
The daddies jumped their jar,
And went to join the termites
In the long queue at the bar.
The earwigs were in yellow,
The centipedes in green.
The antelope just turned his head
To pretend he hadn't seen.

The clock then struck eleven,
A song began to play.
The insects chose their partners,
And they danced the night away.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)