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Kate Rancid

On Making My Own Beef Burgers

On Making My Own Beef Burgers

Last night I made some burgers
Myself, and for our tea.
I never did make burgers
Before last night, you see.
I usually go to Safeway
And get them from the freezer,
Then take them to the cashier
And pay for them with Visa.

But last night I made burgers
I made them straight from mince.
I only made them yesterday
I haven't made them since.
I slowly kneaded salt in,
(No reason to be hasty),
And bugger me, those burgers
Were really rather tasty.

So next time you want burgers
And go to use the phone
To order up your burgers
Why not try them at home?
You only need some minced meat
You don't need to be wealthy;
A much cheaper alternative
And really much more healthy!

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)