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Kate Rancid

Ode On Spring

Ode On Spring

Oh Spring, Oh Spring,
You make me sing!
You make me want
To stroke your thing,
And stick my finger
In your ring,
Oh Spring Oh Spring Oh Springy Spring.

Oh Sun, Oh Sun,
You make me run!
Across the fields,
All soaked in sun,
And bare my tits,
but not my bum,
Oh Sun Oh Sun Oh Sunny Sun.

Oh breeze Oh breeze,
You make me sneeze,
As you whistle sweetly
In the trees,
You taste just like
A piece of cheese
Oh breeze Oh breeze Oh breezey breeze

Oh flower, Oh flower,
You have such power,
You never look sad
Or dull, or dour,
You're lovely,
Just like Happy Hour,
Oh flower, oh flower, oh flowery flower.

Oh Sky, Oh Sky!
You are so high,
You're higher than
An apple pie,
Sometimes you make me
Want to cry,
Oh sky oh sky oh sky-y sky.

Oh Grass, Oh Grass,
Beneath my ass,
You are so green,
And unlike brass,
I wish that you
Were in my class,
Oh Grass, Oh Grass, Oh Grassy Grass.

Oh Cloud, Oh Cloud,
You're never loud,
You drift around,
so big and proud,
I'd be your friend,
But I'm not allowed,
Oh Cloud, oh Cloud, oh Cloudy Cloud.

Oh Lake, Oh Lake,
For goodness sake!
You give so much,
And never take,
If you could,
You'd bake a cake.
Oh lake, Oh lake, Oh lakey lake.

Oh Poem, Oh Poem,
You've just got going,
But you're a bit crap,
So I think I'll take a nap.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)