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Kate Rancid

Ode On Snow

Ode On Snow

The snow is falling from the sky
the day is cold and shitty
some say it's pleasing to the eye
But I don't think it's pretty.
As children smile to see it land
I moan and rant and hate it
I'd like to take it in my hand
And through a grater, grate it.
I'd like to put it in a fire
And see it disappearing
Or hang it from a big live wire
And see it melting; smearing.
I hate the snow, it makes me sick
It's cold and is no fun
I long to take a pointy stick
And poke it up its bum.
I hate it, as it falls and falls,
And makes the street turn whiter
I'll take each snowman by the balls,
And melt them with my lighter.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)