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Kate Rancid

Ode On Pooclub's Birthday

Ode On Pooclub's Birthday

Oh lovely place, Oh place so fine,
Oh place as good as vintage wine,
More fun than zoos or Alton Towers,
Or picnics, fairs or golden showers,
As warm as Spain or Argentina,
Or maybe France but much less cleaner,
Oh place of good, the stuff of dreams,
Where nothing's ever what it seems.

Oh land of hope and land of joy,
A place to niggle and annoy,
A place to rant and vent your spleen,
And say words that are quite obcene,
A place that's filled with so much love,
A place that fits us like a glove,
This lovely place? Well it's Leeds of course!
What? Pooclub? Don't be silly.
That sucks the cock of a scabby horse!

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)