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Kate Rancid

Ode On A Summer Morn

Ode On A Summer Morn

O' summer morn
Keeping me warm,
Shine your shiny sun
Upon my pastey bum.
Make me feel happy
Like a poo in a nappy.
I'll ride on my bike
And chew on a pike.

O' little bird
Which flyeth upon the clouds
And sits on cows,
Take me to Aberystwyth.
I know my apple is with
A peach.
Fly me to a beach.
Spread your feathers,
I'll put on my leathers.

O' fruitful was the summer's morn
When feathered peaches danced.
Their tangerines beyond their means
Were then the most advanced.

So fruity fruity
Fruity fruity
Fruity fruity on.

Jumbo sausage,
Jumbo sausage,

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)