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Kate Rancid

Large Breasts

Large Breasts

As I lie here in my bed,
Thoughts of breasts fly through my head,
And through my head the breast thought flits,
Until my head is filled with tits.

Breasts are lovely, lovely things,
Round and juicy, fit for Kings,
With nipples firm and cleavage deep,
I dream about them while I sleep...

A thousand breasts above my bed,
Hovering above my head,
Big and bouncy, firm and pert,
With me they do pout and flirt.

A million breasts, with smiling faces,
In my drawers, and other places,
Filling up my room with love,
A million breasts from up above.

A trillion breasts, it's getting hot,
I try to move but I cannot,
The tits are great, but there's too many!
I need to move! To spend a penny!

I wake up wet and filled with hate,
I'm soaked in piss and don't feel great,
Those bloody tit dreams I abhor,
I don't like large breasts any more.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)