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Kate Rancid

Hum Bad Ripple Wrappers

Hum Bad Ripple Wrappers

Luscious raspberry standard challengers
That challenged their way
Through the Milky Way
And ended up

. . . where?

So to the sacred chair
Where the frog wears a red cloth
And the unicorn smiles
And surrounded by ice cream
And crocodiles.
And a bell rings
Time for tea.
It will take me until quarter to three.
How I love to be by the sea.

And now as the ground rumbles
And a newt tips his straw feathered hat
And my chair creaks
And I feel like a wanton cleft.
My cheek concords into draftsmen
And my flowers go spongy.

Hail the magnificent ancient Lord
Of the Stekkipekkiwimpledrigsters.
And may you never be hit by low-flying aircraft.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)