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Kate Rancid

Having A Movement

Having A Movement

Writing Shite, writing Shite,
It makes me feel
All right.
When the words come on the page
It quietens my internal rage.

Writing Shite, oh lovely Shite,
It summons up my inner light.
I feel like I'm in Paradise
When what I write's not very nice.

Oh Shite, oh Shite, oh shitey Shite,
You bring me such profound delight.
Consonants and vowels
Should flow from one's bowels.
Verbs and word classes
Should fall from our asses.
Syntax and noun phrases
Should exit our brown mazes.

Oh, what a miracle is Shite.
Some people believe in God;
I think that's a load of cod.
When I need repentance
I compose a nonsensical sentence.
When I need inspiration
I take a literary laxative
To cure my creative constipation.

Oh, shitty ditty, shitty ditty,
You're so sweet and you're so pretty.
I want to hold you in my hand
Feel all right
With Shite.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)