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Kate Rancid

Happy Chirping Sparrows

Happy Chirping Sparrows

Happy chirping sparrows
That live up in the trees
Are at their most peculiar
When you show to them your knees.
Usually they're normal,
They're feathered and they're grey,
But when you get your knees out
They'll never fly away.

They start off chirping madly
And flapping quite a lot,
And then they get warmer,
In fact hot.
They cook just like a pan of chips
Until they're nicely done,
And when you put your knees away
They die and go to heaven.

The moral of this story
Is simple but it's true:
Don't drink or take drugs mate
Or you might end up writing shite like this too
About poo
And that wouldn't do.
I'd have to sue.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)