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Kate Rancid

Gob Around A Sausage

Gob Around A Sausage

Got my gob around your sausage
And I'm nibbling on it gently.
It's very thick and meaty,
Neither vegetably nor lently.
It looks rather amusing
And it makes me want to snigger,
And I swear as I am sucking it
The damn thing's growing bigger.

Got my gob around your sausage,
Hot and greasy in my lips.
It secretes some form of liquid,
Down my chin it slowly drips.
All beefy, thick and luscious,
It's a real meaty treat.
I only wish I had a dozen
Like it I could eat.

Got my gob around a sausage
But I really just can't swallow,
Despite the fact my stomach
Is all empty, deep and hollow.
My teeth just want to tease it
But I hope that I don't cough,
'Cos then I might just clench my teeth
And bite your sausage off.

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)