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Kate Rancid

Dog Muck

Dog Muck

The headmaster fumbled drum stools,
The rain was falling down.
The heavy season called a vote
And no one could be arsed.
So all the parties galloped.
The hills were dawning still,
And the vegetables were prosperous
And neither was the hoover.
Dominic was organic;
He lived within his means.
"Spacemen have hovered
In these parts," he explained.
"Lions don't need bedtime!
No one lights my face,
And outside its a big one,
You look as if it's not."
So gazing through the pomegranate,
Rainbows did ensue,
And the little bitty cranberry
Went merrily on its way.
Polly didn't notice
And the lion didn't care,
"Goodbye everyone!
We're going to fly to Venus
On a magic fish."

Kate Rancid (b. 1973)